I am a product designer that is interested in design systems, enjoys coding using React and cares about changing the ratio in the tech industry.

Tech for good

I believe in using technology for social change

Rails Girls: Introducing young women all around the world to coding through free workshops.

Once a student I now participate as a coach.

Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship: International leadership initiative that brings together the best emerging technology talent and civil society organizations to protect the Open Web.

Proudly part of the first cohort.

A Feminist Internet in 140 Characters: A workshop in MozFest 2015

I ran a sucessful session about gender equality on the Internet at MozFest 2015.

Laboratoria: Latin American education nonprofit that turns underprivileged young women into web developers.

I had the pleasure to be one of the lead instructors.

Coders: Library of free resources to learn how to code and learn English.

I built Coders with Spanish speakers looking to learn how to code in mind.

Visionaria Network: Enabling women & girls' empowerment & leadership.

Led the "Intro to Tech" and "Online Personal Branding" workshops. I was one of the main speakers during their 2016 Leadership Institute in the highlands of Peru (Urubamba, Cusco).


Thanks for checking out my site. If you would like to say hi, or discuss new opportunities and collaborations feel free to email me contact@andreadelrio.me

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub.