Kit #6. My blog or website has been hacked or attacked

I went online today and discovered that our website is no longer accessible! How can I get our site back up and protect it from future attacks?

Your organisation’s website has undergone vandalism or is not accessible anymore, or you are simply worried that because of an upcoming campaign or action, your site will be a target of reactionary forces, either state-sponsored or amateur. You need to get back or keep control over your blog or website and its information.

What you should do

You might need to reach out to your website developer or a technical expert if you’re unsure why your website is inaccessible. You could start by opening a support ticket with your hosting provider or sending an email to someone at an organisation like APC who can help determine exactly what has happened. If you’re concerned your site is being censored, use a web proxy or service like GreatFire (if censored in China) to verify where your site is (in)accessible (Read Kit #12). Once you figure out the problem, you can act.

  1. Set up mirrors. Mirroring a website means having copies of your website on different servers. Mirrors require some set-up and are usually precautionary measures in cases such as technical problems, censorship or targeted hacking.
  2. Raise awareness about the censorship. Use social media to alert your users and freedom of expression activists to the site’s censorship and give them a new URL with which they can still access the site.
  3. Engage in campaigning and policy advocacy to lift the censorship.
  4. Educate your users about circumventing censorship. Kit #12. I need to access a blocked website anonymously.

How to prevent future problems

Where to find more help

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