Kit #10. I need to send emails that cannot be tracked back to me

I have to send emails that, if leaked, would put me or my colleagues at risk. How do I send emails that cannot be tracked back to me?

You need to send anonymous messages that you don’t want anyone to be able to link back to you. You might need to work anonymously. You need to take precautions not to expose your and others’ identities in case some messages are intercepted or one of your colleagues’ computers is confiscated.

What you should do

There are many points along the message’s way from you to the recipient that can expose your identity. Nevertheless, you can take some of the following precautions that make it very difficult to link the message back to you:

Keep in mind

While using public computers can be useful to maintain your annonymity, you have generally no control over what kind of software, malware, keyloggers or remote administration applications run on such a computer. Have these possible threats in mind when using a public computer.

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